In Majorca there are many beaches to discover. The island is a paradisiacal place to vacation and in its corners there are places extremely comforting to know.

Here we leave you our selection so you can enjoy the bike path and discover the best beaches of Alcudia.

  1. Sant Joan
  2. Coll Baix

How do I get there?


The road is very easy and either on foot, by car or, as we prefer in suncyclingmallorca, by bicycle, bici or fahrrader!


How to get to Sant Joan beach



How to get to Coll Baix beach



But before they should check that the bike is 100% ok, do not forget to hydrate and be careful with the sun!


The beach of Sant Joan is a family area, one of the best beaches in Alcudia and easily accessible to all.

Getting to Coll Baix is ​​an adventure! You can not miss this experience! Enjoy nature!