In Majorca you can find the best beaches in Spain and in Alcudia we have several of them. From suncyclingmallorca we recommend several beaches that you can access, visit and ride uploaded on one of our bicycles.


We started the adventure at suncyclingmallorca:

The coast of Barcarés


Only 10 minutes from our place you can find one of the quietest beaches in Alcudia. Rent a bicycle from suncyclingmallorca and travel the path that takes you to the coast. Crystal clear water, walking paths beside the sea and a characteristic breeze make this area one of the best in Alcudia.


S’Illot Beach


In a wonderful environment you will find S’Illot, a dream place to bathe and relax in Alcudia. The route to reach S’Illot is accessible to any cyclist, just a few moments from arriving at La Victória.


Suncycling recommends you


Protect yourself from the sun, always go hydrated and check that the bike is in perfect condition. Do not forget!


Meet S’Illot and all that the area has to offer: fine sand, crystal clear water and enviable views!